Dashboard and Reports

Reports and dashboards with an attractive and simple design can have a significant impact on your decision so that you can take appropriate and effective actions to ensure the continuity of your project in a strong competitive environment.


It is an interface that displays data in a clear and organized way, Therefore, the main objective of the Dashboard is to be able to adjust and collect data in a graphical interface so that it is easy to view so that it can help you in:

  • Transforming hard-to-read data into clearer, easier-to-read graphics.
  • The ability to make decisions and know what is happening faster and easier.
  • Monitor performance in various sectors, whether sales performance, inventory or financial performance and other important business elements.
  • Data is flowing continuously and at every moment, which facilitates the process of understanding what is going on.
  • It can be viewed at any time and the display is compatible with all devices, whether it is personal computers, tablets or even your mobile phone.


Make informed business decisions based on detailed reports from any device, anywhere, anytime. Where we provide you with complete reports on your sales, profit, inventory, and customers.

  • Get instant and valuable insights into your project's performance as live sales by payment type, employees and category, top selling products and categories, and hourly sales report anytime, anywhere.
  • Analyses sales trends, strategies effective marketing efforts, and evaluate employee performance.
  • Monitor and analysis sales and marketing trends in your business over any given date or time range.
  • Monitor the movement of your inventory and identify stagnant and high-demand items.
  • Convert any report with the click of a button to an excel file or print it with ease the percentage or amount.


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